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An innovative and precise smart water control system

NOFLO is a complete water control system that helps to prevent water damage. It is a unique system namely because of its efficiency.

In addition to the basic system that includes an electric valve, a management unit, a motion sensor and five probes, you can also add more sensor and protection modules.

The preventive

Conveniently installed on the water inlet, the electric valve remains opened only if the management unit has received confirmation of a presence in the home through the motion sensor or the push button of one of the modules (management unit, motion sensor and probes).


The management unit is the “brain” of the NOFLO system. As long as the motion sensor detects a presence in the house, the management unit orders the valve to remain opened. After 2 hours (can be modified) with no confirmation of movement, the management unit orders the valve to shut off the water (by Bluetooth).


The motion sensors are your guardian angel and protect you against water damage. They detect your presence and confirm it to the management unit. When you are absent, they signal the management unit to shut off the valve until you return.


The probes, carefully placed near, for example, the washing machine, dishwasher or water heater, protect you by immediately shutting off the water as soon as a leak is detected. Bath tub and refrigerator probes are also available.

The probes and sensors are equipped with audible and visual alarms indicating where the leak is detected.

The emergency stop

A NoFlo exclusivity, the emergency stop buttons (patent pending) allow you to immediately interrupt the water flow the instant you witness a leak.

The emergency buttons, integrated in the system devices, are located in many areas allowing you to quickly take action in case of a leak.

installation and warranty

The NOFLO system comes with a 1-year warranty against all manufacturing defects. This warranty does not cover the installation of the system as this is the buyer’s responsibility.

Note that the system is easy and quick to install for all types of buildings: condominium complex, commercial building, residence, etc.

If you have any question regarding the components of the NOFLO system or its installation, please contact us!

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