Benefits and

Why choose the noflo solution?

  • NOFLO does MORE than just limit leaks and water damage; it PREVENTS them.
  • NOFLO is based on a smart motion sensor system.
  • NOFLO has several emergency buttons to shut off the water.
  • NOFLO also provides an efficient and user-friendly mobile app.

To whom
applies the noflo solution

NOFLO is the solution to PREVENT water leaks and damage if you:

  • Own or co-own a multi-unit building
  • Own a rental building
  • Own a seniors’ residence
  • Own a hotel
  • Are an owner who is often away from your home
  • Own a property located in a recurring freeze area  
  • Own a holiday home


In North America, residential water damage makes up for more than 50% of insurance claims. Given that the water inlet remains closed, except when you are at home, NOFLO helps to:

  • Prevent major furniture losses and damage to the structural elements
  • Ensures the protection of irreplaceable objects: family and travel souvenirs, photo albums, computer documents, etc.
  • Avoid the inconvenience of having to clean, decontaminate and renovate the property
  • Avoid problems caused by the onset of fungi and mould
  • Get a discount on your insurance premium
  • Reduce water wastage
  • Maintain harmonious relationships with your co-owners or tenants
  • Enjoy better quality of life and more peace of mind.

A water leak of a drop a second equals 9,600 litres of drinking water a year.

It pays off to be more responsible
when it comes to
water consumption!

By preventing leaks and opening the valve only when you are in the home and need water, you are behaving more responsibly and economically.

With NOFLO, there is no more
wastage and you hit
THREE birds with one stone :

Reduce your water consumption

Reduce your electricity consumption

Reduce your home insurance costs

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